Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Hello Lovelies!

My sister got me this adorable tote on her trip to DC this summer, so I thought I would share my current favorites that I just can’t live without!  I linked them all below just for you.

Victoria Secret Angel perfume is my go to everyday. Someone gifted me a bottle of this over three years ago, and I still have to have it on daily. The fragrance is subtle and perfect for daily use. (They have apparently repackaged it since the last time I stocked up.)

S.G Hair Spray- Let’s not tell my hair stylist that I use the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart. With my super thick hair, this is the ONLY thing that keeps my hair in place all day long… trust me I have tried everything!

Lip Sense- My newest obsession is this lip color. Seriously, y’all if you haven’t tried this stuff you need to. It really does last all day long and the colors they offer are gorgeous.  My two favorites are Praline Rose and Beige Champagne.  Follow Kasie Hurt @kasielipboss or email her at  She would love to help you pick out your perfect color!

Batiste- This dry shampoo is my favorite because it works so well! Plus you can buy it based on your hair color and type.  It comes in fun designs and smells amazing too!

Spark- I can’t live without this! This is my go to for energy and vitamins. I drink one every morning and sometimes another in the afternoon. I feel so ready to concur the day after drinking Spark. I have not had a soda in an entire year because of Spark. I have cut down on my visits to Starbucks too.

What are your daily Essentials? Leave me your favs in my comment section!

                Love Leigh