Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fashion With a Good Cause

Hello Friends!
This year my goal is to be healthier and get fit.  I know that sounds so cliché, but for me, it's about my autoimmune disease and getting off the chemo meds I was put on last year.  I need to learn to put my health first in my life. I’m getting back on track with my super healthy eating.  If you have any favorite healthy recipes, please share with me!  I am also going to get back into cardio.  I used to run 15 miles a week, and I want to work myself back up to that.  I always use my health as a reason to get out of the habit, but I need to change that and use my health as a reason to do it.  New shoes that support a good cause are always a motivation to start back! There are so many people struggling in the world with all kinds of diseases. So, I try really hard to not let mine get me down! Somewhere, someone out there needs support.   

I love when fashion supports a good cause, so I teamed up with LIUID who partnered with Project375.  Project 375 is NY Jets Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall's non-profit organization that sheds light on the stigma surrounding mental health.

Together, they created a shoe to represent the organization and the meaning behind it.  Bright green is the color for Project 375 and is represented on both the men's and women's shoe.  The small speckles on the shoes represent that at first glance everyone looks the same on the surface, but beneath that more than 100 Million Americans are struggling with mental illness. The overall design of the shoe signifies the willingness and ability to see through the stigma surrounding mental illness.  

Photpgraphy by Lizzie Johnson (@deskdreaming)

There are a wide range of mental illnesses that affect the mood, thinking and behavior of a person.  A few most common types are depression, anxiety, bipolar, and autism.  50% of mental illnesses start before the age 14! That's just crazy to think about.  17.1 million young people have or have had diagnosable disease.  4,600 young people complete suicide each year.  

All facts are from Project 375  (This post was sponsered all opions are my own)

Let's work together to raise awareness about mental health! With each purchase, LIUID will donate $18 to Project 375. I know I will be wearing my shoes to show my support! 

Love Leigh

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  1. I love what these shoes stand for. They're also super cute!