Saturday, December 24, 2016

Metal & Shine

Hi Lovelies!

Christmas is almost here, and I can't believe it! I wanted to share something special with y'all that has been in the works for almost 8 months now.  My friend Brooke created this beautiful skirt for a school project.  I thought I would share her design process with you.  She let me borrow it to wear too!

In the Spring of 2016, she had to design a garment for her advanced apparel design class. All of the garments would be shown in the spring Apparel Merchandising and Product Development fashion show. The theme of the fashion show was Metal and Shine!

Brooke knew right away she wanted to do a dramatic skirt with some gold fabric. Her next step was to do some trend research and create a trend board. Then she created a pattern for her skirt by using a design software which allows you to draft and print your pattern directly from a computer.  How cool is that?

Here is the trend board she created for her inspiration.

Once Brooke found the perfect fabric, it took her about two weeks of class time to complete her skirt.

On April 20, 2016, Brooke's skirt made it down the runway. It looked amazing!  The way the lights hit the gold fabric was stunning!  Her professors chose 12 of the 72 designs to be featured in the "Hall of Fashion."  For the Hall of Fashion, the garments were displayed on dress forms in the main hallway of the Economics building.  The 12 designs were then judged  by a panel of Alumni.  Brooke's design was chosen as one of the top 5 garments!!!  The top 5 garments went on a trip to China where there were featured in a fashion exhibit at the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.  I'm so impressed with Brooke and her skills.  Everything she does is so fabulous!

Fast forward a few months to when I get to wear her skirt!! The fabric is luxurious!  The weight and quality of the fabric is very high-end.  These picture do not do the skirt justice.  The metallic shine is to die for especially when the light hits the skirt perfectly.  I wish I could wear this skirt everyday! 

Meet Brooke!!! Brooke graduated on Dec 15th! She moved away from Arkansas, but I am so proud of her.  I can't wait to wear more amazing garments that Brooke designs! 

I'll leave you with one more photo because I couldn't choose just 4 to share. 

I hope you all have a very blessed and Merry Christmas with your friends and family!


Love K.Leigh

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  1. What an amazing story and gorgeous skirt! I loved reading about her process! So fascinating!!