Monday, August 31, 2015

Girl Cave

Hello Lovelies!
I want to share ideas for our new house with y’all!  I’m so excited about decorating, and I wish it was happening faster than it is. I have so many big ideas! If only I could wave my magic wand and have everything be set up as perfectly as all the ideas in my head!  Today’s blog post is all about my “Girl Cave.” Yes, my husband is letting me have a girl cave, instead of the usual “man cave.” The girl cave is in exchange for a bigger tv for him in the living room. This also means he will never leave the couch, haha!   Here is my inspiration board.

The upstairs of our cute little house has a loft, bathroom, and master bedroom.  I call it the master suite!  We chose to put our bed in the loft, so now I have big plans for what is actually the master bedroom.  It is going to be my dressing room, TV room, and office.  I am hunting for an antique solid wood dresser that looks a little rough.  I want to paint it with mint green chalk paint.   Below are a couple pictures I pulled off Pinterest for my inspiration.


My in-laws gave us a gorgeous solid wood desk.  This is why I want to find a dresser I can paint. I do not want to have to match the wood stains or have two dark wood pieces competing with each other.  I plan to have a comfy chair of some sort too, but I haven’t decided what I want yet.  Maybe y’all can give me an idea for a chair?  I would love your opinion!

My dad and I our hopefully going to build a big floor mirror similar to the one below.  I also got this idea off Pinterest.  Don’t you just love Pinterest?

 A few years ago, my dad also made me jewelry holders.  Recently, we updated them with gold spray paint and new hooks. Here is a sneak peek, but I plan to blog about them once I hang them and fill them with jewelry.

My master suite will be gray, mint, wood, white fur, and gold accessories.  I can’t wait to get it pulled together and eventually show y’all the final outcome!  Most of my ideas are pinned to my farmhouse Pinterest board if you’re interested in seeing more of my inspirations!  

Love Leigh

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